Living Full Happy Life!

You have reached this page as you are looking for more than you currently have. You are searching for healing and looking for direction. You maybe looking for support.

Throughout your life you have had support to bounce your ideas and visions off of; as you grow out of your youth you may experience less access to quality advice. Without timelines, deadlines and a plan you continue to do what you have always done until you feel your aspirations are no longer possible.

Chances are you have an end goal however you find it out of reach or you have talked yourself into acceptance.

Rose Marie Lloyd is a Certified Coach Practitioner TM through the Certified Coaches Federation. For more information on the federation please view the website at

Rose Marie Lloyd is also a Usui Reiki Master and Level 2 Emotional Freedom Technique provider.

Why do you need a life coach?

As a life coach I offer you a trusting relationship, a safe place to be yourself,
a listening ear, a truthful perspective.

As a healer I offer dual modalities of Reiki and EFT to assist your journey.