No is a complete sentence. If you think you need to defend or justify your No this program will benefit you. This program is based on the of Nancy Levin book “Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free” If you are a conflict-avoiding people-pleasers, codependents, over-givers, could benefit from this deep dive into the foundational nature of what it really means to set & maintain healthy, self-honoring boundaries. If you want peace at all costs this program will help you uncover what it really is costing you. We will exam your beliefs around boundaries and reframe your perception of them. Who are they for? Who is responsible for holding them up?

Available in one-one and group coaching formats. This is a 12-week program. There is a 90-minute session once per week. (Worksheets will be provided weekly). Setting Boundaries will set you free book is required for this coaching and is not included in the price. Group sessions are via ZOOM and recorded. One-One sessions can be in person or via Zoom

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