If you feel that you meet the same type of people, you take the same dead-end job, you make the same decision over and over with the same results, your pulled into the same argument over and over again … this can be resolved through the records. Ending the contracts, cutting the ties will not affect others but it will provide you with choices and opportunities.

Akashic Records are the library of all of our lives and experiences. These records not only hold our past but also, they include contracts and interactions with others that are affecting how you interact and participate with your life today. When I enter your records, I am able to close contracts that are left open that are blocking your progress in relationships or money. The Records are yours and yours alone and breaking contracts, ties, and agreements you are able to get off repeat cycle and start moving forward without repeating the same pattern.


While many describe or explain the concept in different ways, in essence, the Akashic Records are believed to be the repository of every thought, word and deed of every living being, good, bad and awful, in all times; past, present, future. But those familiar with the records report that there is no judgment or implied penalty in the records — they are said to simply be a record of each soul’s journey through the infinite.

Through the Akashic records healing, clarity and understanding can be gained

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