Are going through a career change? Whether it’s a whole new career path or just a different position Reinvention Coaching allows you to let go of the current and focus on the future. The Reinvention Coaching method (developed by Nancy Levin) is an in-depth coaching program that allows you to focus on you and your envisioned future. The coaching model also provides structure to determine next steps to ensure you identify and action your goals.

This program was beneficial for me as I moved from my health and safety role into my coaching and holistic business. This program allowed me to see what was stopping me from progressing into my new role. What beliefs I held onto to keep me tied to the familiar. I was able to address my fears of not having that safety net to fall back on. The program revealed stepping-stones that enabled me to let go of the familiar and move into my destined world of providing life coaching.

Your commitment is a 90-minute session once per week for 8 weeks. (Worksheets will be provided weekly) Group and private sessions are conducted on ZOOM and recorded. For future use. Investment is $665(group)/$1600(private). Payment plans are available.

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